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But only after the moment of rapport will we speak of this, in depth, in the next chapter. If possible, take her to the bar with you. This dramatically reduces the chances of her becoming interested in you.

Even if she says her name and asks hers. But it’s really fun when you learn sex dating sites. I’ll teach you how to shop at the supermarket. Act super-normal. Forget all those things for a nightclub or a bar. Anything. I usually buy a beer and a package of Doritos. Think less, do more. Leave her at ease, if she laughs or smiles continue, introduce yourself. Tested and approved.

Here’s another one. What should he do? And it’s simple. I just asked why I could come here to talk to you. Well, let me try again. Hi, how are you? But how? Unfortunately, meeting a woman on the street like that out of nowhere is one of the most difficult feats. Give up and let the pretty girl pass? Believe me when I say Why? Otherwise they would be driving. Look busy talking to your friends or on your cell phone. That would be scary. Just relax at the bar, have a drink, wait for the right moment to act. And if you’re very good, you might even be asked to have lunch too!

In this chapter, we will discover what the body must say and, mainly, what their body tells you. That is, before talking to a woman, observe how she behaves. If you see a woman sitting, downcast, with her eyes lost, arms and legs crossed Look for an open woman. All the other men at the bar, in order to cash in, also noticed her.

Dear Online Dater,
Odds are, you have been considering online dating as a way of meeting new people and improving your current love life. Perhaps, you have already subscribed to a handful of dating sites but haven’t experienced the results you were hoping for.

If so, you are certainly not alone.

With success stories indicating that over 100 people get married each day as a result of online relationships, it seems as if online dating might be the sure-fire solution to lonely nights. After all, by dating online you can avoid the bar scene, face-to-face rejection and can meet more people in less time. In addition, you can weed out the losers from those who really capture your attention and with thousands of people joining dating sites each day, there certainly is no shortage of potential matches.

So, with those odds in place, why are so many people still finding it difficult to meet someone that they are truly compatible with? Take a moment to READ A SAMPLE of my writing and see my wisdom based on experience when it comes to online dating issues facing women.

And what if you believe you did find that special person, how can you be sure that what they are telling you, is really the truth?

It is estimated that up to 30% of all users of online dating services are actually married posing as single. In fact a recent study by Julie Albright, a sociologist at the University of Southern California, showed that married people are nearly 6 times more likely to visit a dating site than singles. It found that married persons unhappy in their marriage, and posing as singles are more likely to divorce their unwanted spouse if they have already found an attractive alternative available online.

Hiding Behind The Computer Screen . . .

When it comes to online relationships, it’s easy to be lured in by complete players. These are guys who thrive on developing relationships for their private enjoyment with no intention of ever seeing it through. Some of these men are married and spice up their boring marriages with third-party relationships. The problem is: YOU think it’s a serious one, while he is only interested in stringing you along so you are willing and eager to please him, however he requests.

After all, you think he’s the love of your life.

Then there are even darker players in this game of love. These creeps use the Internet to develop alter-egos, personalities that exist only in their imaginations. They pretend to be everything you are looking for, only to hand over fake photos that were taken of their best friend, Blake, at a hockey game five years ago; or worse, stock photos of models that have no idea that their images are being used to deceive honest women, who are simply looking for real love online.

Equip Yourself With The BS Detection Tools . . .

Online dating doesn’t have to be such a risky venture. You really can meet that perfect partner, your soul mate, and live that happily ever after fairytale that is painted on the front pages of online dating websites.

But you need to know how to weed out the liars, the players, the cheats – from the decent guys who are looking for the exact same thing you are.

I met my husband online in 1998. Back then, it wasn’t considered the normal (or accepted) way to meet a potential partner. Our friends and family thought we were insane. My mother begged and pleaded with me not to fly out to see him, thinking he was some sicko, pervert, weirdo. They constantly referred to him as that “stranger” you’re dating online.

When it came time for us to meet after six months of dating online, they still were far from supportive of the idea. They filled my head with tons of “what if’s” that had me doubting myself and the idea that this was really going to ever work out.

What If – he’s married?
What if – he’s abusive?
What if – he’s lying?

Thankfully, I was fortunate enough to have found someone who was completely honest and real… but it didn’t come easily. Before him, I had encountered men of all kinds, ranging from those who were married, those who were simply desperate to be with someone and even a few that were abusive.

Meet honest men online for dating and marriage.

You Really Can Avoid Dating the Frogs, and Meet and Marry Your Prince By Using This Online Dating Wisdom For Women Only!

With my personal experiences with online dating, and the stories shared with me by dozens of other women who have been in the same situation, I have created a comprehensive guide to online dating truths as well as myths and the many red flags that will show us exactly who we are dealing with long before we have put our hearts (and souls) on the line.

Within its pages you will discover the shocking secrets to online dating as well as the important things to look out for if you want to eliminate heartache and focus only on honest and well-meaning partners..

By following these guidelines, you will learn how to detect when you are being lied to instantly, before your emotions cloud your judgment preventing you from seeing the truth until it’s too late.

Grab your copy of Online Dating Truth now, and equip yourself with the tools you need in order to skip over those who are only out to hurt you, and clear the way for a real romantic success story.

Women can learn  the online dating truth for maximum dating success online.
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Don’t Let Another Day Go By Where You Are Wasting Time On Someone Who Is Only Interested In Using You For Their Own Personal Pleasure.

You know for yourself that not everyone within the dating scene is honest.

There are men creating fake profiles every day with the intention of luring in innocent women with no real intention of meeting them. These men are interested in finding play toys, women who will do everything they ask, under the guise of believing that they are in love.

Don’t Be A Victim Of Their Sordid Game.

Learn exactly how to determine whether they are really who they say they are, and if their intentions are real. Don’t waste your time or attention on someone’s sick game.


Online Dating Truth is for successful dating relationships.

This online dating guide was written with the intention of helping women protect themselves when venturing into the world of online dating.

Even if you have never joined a dating service before, the Online Dating Truth will equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to minimize your risks while enjoying the many possibilities that are available to you when seeking a potential partner online

Download the guide instantly and browse through the chapters that include everything you need to know in order to get the most out of your online dating adventure.

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Here is just some of what’s included within the Online Dating Truth Guide:

Lots of dating tips for successful online dating. Who Is He… Really? This chapter focuses on how you can determine if he’s telling you the truth, or if he’s playing a game with your heart. (see page 11)

great dating advice for single moms. Drastically increase your response rate by tweaking your profile so that it stands out and apart from ALL others! (see Page 26-30)
Instantly weed out liars, losers and cheats when dating online. The Red Flags: A must-read if you plan on venturing into the online dating arena! Learn the common tactics that men use to keep up the charade while luring you deep into their web of lies. (see Page 19-24)
Online dating tips for single women. Learn the secrets of successful relationships that all started online! Find the love of your life quickly and easily by following these guidelines and avoid “time wasters”!

Online Dating Truth includes dating safety tips that work. Follow the methods to protect yourself from online predators and creeps by keeping your information safe while still being able to communicate with him however you wish!

And much more…



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Dating expert, Juliet Klee wishes you much happiness.

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Dating Success Testimonials:

Hi again Juliet!!!

When I read Online Dating Truth by Juliet Klee it is like a warm glowy light went on in my heart and now I knew for certain that Steve was worth meeting in person. Not getting stuck dating some cheating husband or liar or game player or abusive loser is so important for online dating success. I can’t thank you enough. My man has not yet proposed but it looks like he will before the end of the year. I hope. Things went well with him meeting my parents over the 4th of July. Now they don’t bug me so much and fill my head with doubts and internet dating horror stories. Thanks so very much Juliet for this GREAT!!! dating book. Your guy-tests silenced all my doubts about dating Steven.

Mary Danforth, NYC.

I bought this precious dating guide for my daughter’s 21st Birthday. Sure it hurts to be lied to and cheated on. She is so glad though that it is over. With that nasty weed she was dating online she was so brave. Confronted him and he admitted being a married man. Online Dating Truth and your wise dating advice has my daughter back looking online for dates. After taking a little break to heal her broken heart she seems much wiser now about how to choose men to date. Big thanks to a caring woman named Mrs. Klee. What’s a mother to do. My love never stops helping. Never stops hoping. Never stops nurturing when it comes to my daughter’s future. My eyes misted over when Brooke told me, “Online Dating Truth really rocks Mom! and so do you!” How sweet it is to be loved like this.

Judith Litton, Orange County, Calif.

Dear Juliet,

Finding luv is hard enough. Your online dating books help make it easier. I like your even handed approach to screening guys before meeting up for a date. Your dating tips are just the bundle of dating street smarts that us single, too trusting Aussie girls need. Me and my flat mates Jilly and Tammy need to succeed at dating online. Not much to choose far as men go locally. Your truth about successful dating is a lot like the truth about men. I aim to find a good one. Now I can screen out any dating liars / dating losers / cheating men / sex rats and other creeps. Thanks to your book. The bonuses are good too. Learning how chaps think is something I needed to learn more about. Not only to protect myself, but also to understand my future boyfriend and hopeful husband.

Me and my flat mates are finally winning the dating game.

Jennifer Magee, Sydney, Australia

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