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Dating Advice for Women:
5 Secrets to Successful Online Dating
Relationships With Men

By Juliet Klee, author of Online Dating Truth

Dating Article Summary: There are 5 secrets that can help you enjoy more successful online dating relationships with men. Learn these secrets to dating success and put them to work in your relationships today.

Online dating relationships with men can be as challenging as any other relationship with a man. There are additional barriers to overcome when pursuing an online dating relationship though that you would do well to consider before falling in over your head. If you really want to make things work, here are a few great secrets for success.

Take it Slow

There is no race that you are going to win by rushing things. Love is a beautiful thing that should be savored rather than rushed. If your goal is to develop a lasting relationship you must take things one step at a time, building the relationship with a firm foundation of friendship. No matter how difficult it may be to wait online dating success depends on taking it slow and easy. Rushing things may scare him off and start him thinking you are desperate.

Don’t Play Games

Games are for grade school crushes. Nothing is going to turn him off faster than a game where you are running hot one minute and cold the next. It is understandable to have conflicting emotions—though you really should be open with him about it. It is not cool though to leave him scratching his head trying to figure out what you want.

Be Honest

If you lie about your age, weight, job, or anything else it will find you out eventually. When he does discover the tall tales you’ve been telling he’s going to wonder what else you’ve been less than honest about. When it comes to building successful online dating relationships, honesty really is the best policy, especially if you want the dating relationship to have a hope of succeeding face-to-face someday.

Understand What You Want

When you know what you want, you are in a much better position to get it. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for then maybe you need to sit back and figure that out before pursuing an online dating relationship that may be doomed to failure. For example, if you are absolutely unwilling to move to another location, not even for Mr. Right, then avoid long distance relationships. Focus on guys living within a 100 mile radius of your location. Knowing what you want can save you a great deal of the heartaches that result from dating a man that isn’t what you want. Face it, only you can define what online dating success means to you.

Ask What He Expects

Bluntness has become a lost art in online dating relationships. There are ways to get the information you want without sacrificing all tact to do so. You need to know what he expects from you and your relationship if you are going to have a successful online dating relationship that eventually leads to dating face-to-face. It makes no sense to take another step if he’s looking for a short-term situation and you have long-term goals in mind. You can settle a lot of problems before they arise by having open and honest conversations from the very start about expectations on both sides of the computer monitor. And the beauty of email is that he can take time to consider what you are asking before giving you an honest response. Being direct or blunt or straight forward in your questions can save you both a great deal of time and energy. Do not be shy. Some guys just do not deal well with subtlety. Online dating success requires good two-way communication skills.

When you combine these things with realistic expectations, the voice of reason, and the willingness to take things slow and see what develops you are well on your way to establishing a great online dating relationship that leads to a great offline, real world, dating relationship. The question is, are you ready for the amount of work involved in making an online dating relationship work for you? If you are, there is no time better than today to begin. Love and online dating success really could be just a few mouse clicks away. How exciting!

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